Strollers now permitted intact on Metrobus

Yesterday, I was excited to announce that we have made an important change to make Metrobus a more viable option for families. You can now roll a stroller on the bus and allow a child to stay in the stroller while riding instead of removing them and folding the stroller.

As a parent, having to remove Simon from the stroller and keep track of him and the folded stroller and the bag of diapers, etc that you have to carry when with a child was challenging. I have heard this concern from many families, including parents trying to move around the City or grandparents wanting to take their grandkids on outings.

Metrobus previously requiring the child to be removed was a hindrance which made the City less accessible and was barrier for people to use the bus to get around. Removing this barrier allows more people to choose to use the bus to get to their appointments, to pick up groceries, visit family and more.

I advocated for this change at Metrobus and I am happy we have made this change. For full details on this policy, visit:

The next time you are out and about, roll on board and enjoy the more relaxing ride.

Ian Froude