Churchill Square and Churchill Park Visions + A proposal for the old Dominion Property

Churchill Square and Park has been on my mind a lot lately. It’s such a neat area that is going through a fluid process of re-energizing. With new businesses and services moving into the Square, activity is rising and lots more people are taking advantage of how great the area is.

I see Churchill Square as a centre of a large neighbourhood that spans as far as west (at least to) Freshwater Road and as far east as Torbay Road. It includes the university and then south to Empire Avenue. It’s a great area that has good access to public transit, is very walkable, and has parking in the middle of the Square to provide ease of access to the many businesses there.

There have been many calls for improvement and change to the area and I hope we can all work together to help it reach it’s potential as a true ‘public square’ from the perspective of business/services, but also in the sense of a centre of community. It is also essential to consider what the area has been in the past, and the historical value of the area and its buildings.

I’m hoping to hold a public meeting of some sort in the area soon so that we can continue the conversation on our collective vision for the square. There are changes proposed, such as to the old Dominion property (near the Scotiabank and Big Bens pub) and there is also interest among some to set up a ‘business association’ of sorts. These provide great opportunities to catalyze further discussion on the hopes and desires for this Square, the Park and the neighbourhood and I am excited to have them.

Do you have ideas or visions for Churchill Square, Churchill Park, and the neighbourhood as a whole? I would love to hear from you. E-mail me at

The “old Dominion Property”

A lot of people have been asking for details on the proposal for the old Dominion property. A business has now officially proposed to develop a 6 storey  (21.5 metre) mixed-use building at 43-53 Rowan Street. The proposed building will have ground floor commercial, while the top 5 storeys will contain 78 dwelling units; a mixture of one and two-bedroom rental apartments.










City staff are recommending that the developer complete a ‘Land Use Assessment Report’ (LUAR) which, when complete would be a public document and would explain the building, land-use and landscaping, parking needs, snow clearing, effects of the building on sunlight and shading, consideration of traffic impacts. They are also recommending that it be sent to the Build Heritage Experts Panel for their advice.

Once this report is complete, it would then be submitted to the City and we would hold a public meeting for anyone to bring forward questions, concerns or support they may have for the development. Following that, it goes to Council for consideration.

Full details of the proposal are here.


I look forward to any discussion you want to have on the Churchill Square/Park and area. It’s a gem in our City, is undergoing evolution, and has much potential so it deserves our attention and efforts.







Ian Froude