Highlights of the February 19, St. John’s City Council meeting

Highlights of the February 19, St. John’s City Council meeting:
1. Approved an application to operate a coffee shop/bakery at 85 Military Road (across from the south gates of Bannerman Park).

2. Approved the addition of 10 hectares (24 acres, at a cost of $3 million) of cover to the Robin Hood Bay Landfill. This will capture the gases released from the landfill which will help reduce odours, the release of methane (which is a very potent greenhouse gas), and reduce leachate (rainwater percolating through the landfill and becoming contaminated). Too give you a sense of scale, many residential properties are about 0.1 acres. 10 ha (24 acres) is roughly the size of 240 properties. That addition brings us up to 52% coverage.

3. We approved 6 traffic calming pilot projects, including two in Ward 4. The first is a crosswalk at the intersection of Kiwanis and Ladysmith in Kenmount Terrace. The second is a small modification to the intersection of Wishingwell Road and Terra Nova Road to ensure vehicles and pedestrians have a better line of site to oncoming traffic.

4. We reduced the spending on promotion of the Cruise industry in the City while maintaining a similar level of support to ensure we continue to grow this sector. We also asked for consideration of reducing parking requirements during that time so that it doesn’t impact downtown businesses negatively when a cruise ship is in port.

5. We accepted a report from staff regarding development on Kenmount Road (above the 190 m elevation) for consideration. This is to go to public consultation next. I’m in the process of reading through the details. I’ll share the public link when it is online.

6. I also tabled a petition from the residents of Cedar Brae Crescent regarding their request for water and sewer services, sidewalks and re-paving of their street.

There was more than this covered in the meeting, but those are the highlights that I thought were either exciting, applicable to Ward 4, particularly interesting/important, or all of the above.

If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out. My contact details are here.

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