Ward 4 City Council Highlights - April 3, 2018

Ward 4 City Council Highlights

Each week, or every couple of weeks, I post an update to recap/summarize the decisions that City Council has recently made. It's a small step to making sure you feel connected to the City and with me as your Ward Councillor. Don't hesitate to get in touch at anytime.

1. Council decided that all shelter cats will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption and that there will be no increase in the adoption fee. We made this change because we need to both make it easier for residents to adopt cats, and also to prevent cats from mating and, well, producing more cats. Despite the increase in cost of the City doing the spaying/neutering and us not increasing the adoption fee, this change is expected to be cost neutral. Each year staff were doing promotions and offering discounts to encourage adoptions - which had a significant cost. They will no longer need to do those promotions with this change since more cats will be adopted because of this change.

2..      Several weeks ago, staff recommended the areas to be covered by phase one of the automated garbage collection program. The selected streets will received the bin in May and automated garbage collection begins on June 11, 2018. To determine whether you are on the list, visit and enter your address. Click here.


3. Automated Garbage Collection: We recognize that those with mobility challenges may have difficulty with moving/maneuvering the bin to the curb. To address this challenge, if you have a mobility challenge you can apply for an exemption from participating in the program. If you are issued the exemption, your garbage will be picked up as it always has been.

The exemption form is here: http://www.stjohns.ca/forms/garbage-cart-mobility-exemption

If you need a hand with this, please let me know. My contacts are here.

4. The Avalon Mall is planning a significant investment in changing/expanding the Mall. This is a very large investment in their property and shows that there is economic confidence in our community. During the discussion at Council, I asked questions of staff regarding the Polina Road realignment. There are essentially two pieces of work that are required: the storm sewer upgrade and the intersection realignment. In both instances, the work will cause traffic disruption in the area. Because of this, it makes the most sense - to reduce disruption and cost - to do this work at the same time. The work to-date has been to move forward on both of these pieces. Yesterday (April 2) Council approved the Avalon Mall development plans in-principle. These plans give certainty to the City on where we can place storm sewer infrastructure. The City’s engineers can now get into the fine detail of designing that. This is a step towards the Polina Road being realigned. It’s frustrating that this is taking a long time, and I will continue to push for this to be done this year. However, it’s important to do it well with a sensible cost and the least disruption to a major traffic thoroughfare.

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