Thank you

I launched my campaign for City Council back in April. Since that time, my team and I have visited thousands of residents across the Ward, spoken to countless residents on everything from garbage collection and littering, to taxes, to changes we need to make to improve our democracy. It's been a long campaign and I have learned more than I ever could have anticipated about the residents of Ward 4, what matters to people, and what people want to make St. John's an even better place to live and work. It's been a truly exciting, motivating, and humbling experience.

I decided to run to be your Ward 4 Councillor because I felt residents needed strong representation and a vision for the future which reflected their needs and desires. It has been very encouraging to hear that we have a shared vision of the future of the Ward and our City.

I also want to take this opportunity to say how encouraged and inspired I am to see so many other first-time candidates come forward for this election. We see people of all ages as well as varied backgrounds. Some are small business owners, some are former public servants, and some are musicians and activists. Among the roster, there are 10 women running. In the last municipal election in 2013, an all-male Council was elected. Diversity is good for democracy and good for St. John's. I hope to continue to see new and diverse candidates run for election and I congratulate all those putting themselves forward

Beyond that, I am hopeful for a great voter turnout. Talk to your friends and family about why voting matters. Discuss the candidates. Exercise your right to vote for your City Council and cast your ballot by September 26.

Thank you for all your support,

Ian Froude

Ian Froude