Ideas for a better democracy

Earlier this month, a group of residents, called the Citizens’ Assembly for Stronger Elections, shared a series of ideas that have the potential of strengthening how our City’s democracy functions, including how our elections are run.

I’m quite keen on some of the ideas, including the elimination of corporate and union donations to candidates in elections, and plan to advocate for the change; a consideration of ranked ballot over first-past-the-post for our form of elections; and on changing the date of the election to better enable students to vote.

The full report of their recommendations can be read at the link below.

Their recommendations cover a variety of issues:

  1. Improving Access to Voting

  2. Improving Diversity of Candidates

  3. Improving the Democratic Process

During the election I spoke to a few of the ideas and wrote the following blogs on them:

Improving Access to Student Voting

Limiting the influence of money in politics

Campaign finances 

I would appreciate hearing from you about the ideas that the Citizens’ Assembly for Stronger Elections have shared, whether you support them, oppose them, or just have comments to share.

Here is the link to their report again:


Ian Froude