Celebrating Local Tastes


In a couple weeks, on August 30th, I am hosting a fundraiser for my campaign. I would love to have you join me for a casual evening to celebrate local tastes and our wonderful city.

Tickets are $65 and the event features sparkling wine at the door, live entertainment, hors d'oeurves made from local ingredients, and a local cocktail special. 

Arrive before 7:30pm to be entered to win a specially currated local gift basket including:

  • Locally crafted and built serving board from the Newfoundland Trading Company
  • Bottle of Ginger Rose from The Third Place Cocktail Co.
  • Fresh greens from the Bite-Size Farm and Murray Meadows Farm


A limited number of tickets available - buy yours online today


As part of my commitment to running a transparent campaign, I will be publishing the names of ticket holders on my campaign website. You can read more about this commitment on my blog post on Limiting the Influence of Money on Politics.