Ian Froude Launches Campaign for Ward 4 St. John’s City Council

I am very excited to share that I will be running to be the next Councillor for Ward 4 in the City of St. John’s! Our city is an fantastic place to live. I’m excited by the ideas, businesses, culture, and energy that makes our neighbourhoods and city thrive.

We need representation at City Hall that speaks for us. We need neighbourhoods that we can call home with parks, trails, schools, safe streets, and the services we want.

City Council needs to remember that every decision made affects the lives of the residents, and that they must support, not hinder, our ability to make our own lives better.

There must be a fair deal for small businesses so that they can succeed: to create employment and wealth that lasts.

We need culturally diverse and artistically vibrant communities, because from that comes creativity that drives social and economic prosperity.

I look forward to speaking with the residents of Ward 4 about how the City can work better for them and their families.

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Twitter: @ianfroude