Update from the Campaign Trail


For a few months now, I’ve been walking through neighbourhoods and getting to know the residents of Ward 4. This experience has been incredibly rewarding, informative, and encouraging. Today, I’m taking a few minutes to reflect on what I’ve heard.

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Limiting the Influence of Money on Politics


Elections are an exercise in public expression and active citizenship. A citizen marking their ballot is the most fundamental act in a democracy. The trust between a citizen and their representative is crucial to ensuring their vote matters and reflects their will. To ensure this is protected, we must approach fundraising with a commitment to transparency.

Politics must be about people, ideas and strong representation. Being elected, being chosen by voters, unequivocally means accountability to constituents.

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Improving Student Access to Voting


Each year, over 18,000 students fill the lecture theatres, meeting spaces and hallways of MUN, Marine Institute, CNA, Academy Canada, Keyin College and other post-secondary institutions in St. John’s. Here to learn, create and drive solutions to a wide array of challenges, each student also contributes uniquely to our neighbourhoods, our community, and our city.

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