Thank You


I launched my campaign for City Council back in April. Since that time, my team and I have visited thousands of residents across the Ward, spoken to countless residents on everything from garbage collection and littering, to taxes, to changes we need to make to improve our democracy. It's been a long campaign and I have learned more than I ever could have anticipated about the residents of Ward 4, what matters to people, and what people want to make St. John's an even better place to live and work. It's been a truly exciting, motivating, and humbling experience.

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Voting is live!

With Vote by Mail kits hitting homes and community mailboxes this week, it is an exciting time to reflect on all you've heard and what you want for your city. Casting your vote is easy and if you haven't registered to vote, there is still time. It only takes a second to register - click here to get started.

Climate Change & Our City


Climate change is the greatest challenge facing society today. As individuals and communities, we can play an important part in preventing and adapting to climate change. Our roles are increasingly important in: environmental planning and protection; ensuring economic stability, as well as in taking advantage of the development of new markets; and maintaining and improving public health and safety.

There are a number of ways our city can lead adaptive and proactive efforts to help reverse climate change and mitigate its effects. As Ward 4 Councillor, I will work to ensure that climate change is an integral part of the dialogue around major decisions and strategies. The following are my ideas for action that we can take in the face of climate change.

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